Who We Are

RPMASA is an industry association focused on the life cycle and supply chain of dangerous goods and hazardous materials in the industrial & retail sectors. Our purpose is to:

  • Provides members with information, specialist knowledge, training, audit and consulting opportunities
  • To aid compliance in the supply chain.
  • Information on classification, packaging and labelling, handling, storage and transport, including risk assessments.

Our Mission

  • provide a focal point for all organisations involved in the life cycle of these industrial containers,
  • promote responsible packaging and container management,
  • encourage partnerships along the value chain together with government and interested parties,
  • encourage industry's commitment to the public to continuously improve its health, safety and environmental practice and performance.
  • provide a voice to Government


  • To provide a home for all members of the industrial container industry
  • To provide a focal point and co-ordinated approach to participation and action re policy standards, regulations and legislation
  • To liaise with and establish good relationships with other related industry associations and trade bodies, to improve understanding, foster issues of mutual benefit and promote closer co-operation
  • To advocate Responsible Packaging Management and develop improved standards for members to attain and be assessed against
  • To provide an information service to the industry
  • To provide an audit information service to members regarding the industry, similar to that of CEFIC and CDI in Europe
  • To liaise with government and other organisations and provide input regarding related policy, legislation, regulations and standards
  • To promote openness and provide information to the public

The task is large and we are at the beginning of a continuing journey of providing a service to members. There is currently a void which needs to be addressed in providing a service to help our industry in Southern Africa raise its standards in line with global trends. The support and good wishes of the international bodies will be invaluable in guiding us through.

However, we need to ensure that all we do is also appropriate to the environment in which we operate here in Southern Africa. To make this work we need the involvement and support of all facets of the container industry to help set appropriate standards and policies.
We extend the invitation for membership to members of the industry, to be a founder member and help shape the direction of the Association so that we are recognised as the voice of the industry for responsible Packaging Management

RPMASA supports and promotes the "Codes of Operating Practice" compiled by the international body.

Internationally Responsible Packaging Management - RPM has been operational for 60 years with the founding of the ADR (American Drum Reconditioners) in 1942 - now RIPA (Reusable Industrial Packaging Association). The international co-ordinating body, ICCR (International Confederation of Container Reconditioners), co-ordinates international industry activities and participates in international regulatory and standards forums, such as the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, and the International Standards Organisation.