RPMASA is an Industry Association and registered NPO, focused on the safety, efficiency and compliance of packaging, storage and transport of products classified as dangerous goods and hazardous materials in the industrial and retail sectors.

Our purpose is to:

  • Provide Members with a voice, and input to International & National Government, Regulations and Standards
  • Provide Members with information, specialist knowledge, training, audit and consulting opportunities
  • To promote and aid compliance in the supply chain
  • Provide Information on classification, packaging and labelling, handling, storage, multi-modal transport and risk assessments

RPMASA supports and promotes the "Codes of Operating Practice" for safe compliant reuse of drums and Containers, compiled by the international bodies ICCR and RIPA.

Internationally Responsible Packaging Management - RPM has been operational for over 60 years with the founding of the ADR (American Drum Reconditioners) in 1942 - now RIPA (Reusable Industrial Packaging Association). The international co-ordinating body, ICCR (International Confederation of Container Reconditioners), co-ordinates international industry activities and participates in international regulatory and standards forums.
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