Why the name Responsible Packaging Association?

Packaging is defined, in the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations, as a type of containment which is designed to contain a chemical or chemical product. The material of construction must be compatible with the contents to be packed and it must comply with global and local regulations for test, certification and markings.

Safe, compliant packaging is essential to get products to the customer, and is regulated for ALL goods classified as dangerous or hazardous, whether small retail packs to drums, bags, large tanks, tankers and shipping containers. ALL are regulated and have to be tested, certified and inspected at intervals for continuing compliance.

The Association provides members with Information, specialist knowledge, Training, Audit and Consultancy opportunities, as well as new services to aid compliance in the supply chain for chemical classification, packaging and labelling, handling, storage and transport, and Risk Assessments. RPMASA participates in various government fora for new legislation and regulations at National and Global level, as well as International and National Standards – which Members are encouraged to participate.

RPMASA Members enjoy:

  • Reduced rates for all our Training, workshops and events
  • Great opportunities to promote their business through
  • Sponsorship, branding and display for events
  • Co-branding of Posters
  • Providing information and articles to Snippets and newsletters
  • Website – Platinum and Patron members have direct link to their website


R 48 500 Annual Fee
A special category of members who actively support and promote our Principles and policies. This applies to organisations with up to 3 operational sites and/or business units. Benefits include Member benefits +
Business logo on the RPMASA website with a direct link to Patron web
Display space at any RPMASA workshop
Opportunity to sponsor and speak at RPMASA events
Opportunity to sponsor and co-brand posters and awareness materials
Opportunity to market projects in conjunction with RPMASA
Use of RPMASA logo on all their stationery
R 28 650 Annual Fee
Applies to organisations with a single site or business unit Benefits include -
Use of the RPMASA logo
Informative Snippets and Newsflash
Reduced rates for training and workshops
Opportunity for purchase of RPMASA partners services at favourable rates, e.g. Discounted rates for REACH Delivery for OHS Act Safety Data Sheet compliance
Member rates except for SMME’s:
Organisations who provide goods (e.g. seals and closures) and services to the packaging and container industry. This includes transport and waste disposal companies.
Enjoy reduced rates for basic Member benefits.


The Cobalt Institute represents the voice of the global cobalt industry on sustainability, responsible use and health, safety and environmental issues. Cobalt is mined in Africa from where it is shipped around the world. It is an essential element for various Hi Tech and medical applications and is refined and processed into different forms to address these applications.

British American Tabacco South Africa is the only large-scale tobacco manufacturer producing locally in South Africa. We buy 90% of locally grown tobacco leaf, supporting 200 commercial tobacco farmers, 150 emerging farmers and 10 000 agricultural jobs. We are BBEEE level 4 company, employing more than 1 100 people directly, and have been certified as a Proudly South African company. We have a strong heritage of more than 100 years in South Africa.


AEL Mining Services is one of the world’s leading suppliers of explosives and initiating systems, they lead the way with blasting Technology in the global mining sector. AEL through RPMASA participate in the UN Committee of Experts Explosive Group to give input to responsible global regulations for explosives.

LC Packaging is the leading manufacturer of FIBC’s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers for the Agricultural and Chemical Sectors, and various other types of agricultural packaging with headquarters in Belgium and manufacturing sites in Europe, India and South Africa.

Exsquizit Solutions – provide materials handling and packaging services across all industries and  have vast experience in servicing the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) sector. Packaging mechanical and manually for various types of packaging, packaging methods and storage. 

Brother CISA Pty Ltd – Manufacturer of chemicals. 

Pelchem is only manufacturer and supplier of fluorine gas in South Africa as well as hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts, fluorine gas, mixtures and a range of speciality fluoride materials for South African and International Markets. Toll manufacturer and toll Surface Fluorination for plastic packaging and contents to prevent chemical attack.



Anglo American Platinum is the world’s leading primary producer of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Providing a complete resource-to-market service, supplying our network of global customers with a range of mined, recycled and traded products. We are committed to working towards a safe, sustainable, competitive and profitable business that benefits our country, our communities, our people, and our shareholders.


R 2 150 Annual Fee
Individuals and organisations who provide audit, training or other consulting services to members and related Industry.
R 14 000 Annual Fee
Larger Consulting companies at Member or Patron Member rates related to size.
Fee on request
Application Fee & Annual Membership
R 1 350 Annual Fee
Fee on request



Members of the Association are encouraged to use the logo to promote the Association and their commitment to Responsible Packaging Management – RPM. The following rules should be observed to protect the integrity of the association, the RPMASA logo and the name “Responsible Packaging Management”.

  • Use of the logo and phrase Responsible Packaging Management (RPM) is restricted to members of RPMASA in Southern Africa.
  • Permission to use the logo and wording will be given to members once they have signed the commitment to the RPMASA Guiding Principles and returned a signed copy together with their completed Members questionnaire to the national office for their file –NB site visits may be arranged to small business.
  • Permission will only be granted to Reconditioner/ Reprocessor or Recycler members who have submitted their documents to the National Office and been audited.
  • The logo, name and phrase RPM can be used on company literature, letterheads, business cards, etc. They can also be used to identify the organisation (as a fully paid up member), but NOT the product or service.
  • The logo shall NOT be used on packaging, drums, containers or transport which could give the false impression of endorsing the product or service.
  • The logo may NOT be used by members’ business associates, franchises, agents or commercial partners who are not members in their own right.