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Members of the Association are encouraged to use the logo to promote the Association and their commitment to Responsible Packaging Management - RPM.
The following rules should be observed to protect the Integrity of the Association and its name, the RPMASA Logo and the name of the International Initiative "Responsible Packaging Management".
  • Use of the Logo and phrase Responsible Packaging Management, RPM or Responsible Container Management, RCM is restricted to Members of RPMASA in Southern Africa
  • Permission to use the logo and wording will be given to members once they have signed the Commitment to the RPMASA Guiding Principles and returned a signed copy together with their completed baseline questionnaire to the National office for their file
  • Similarly permission will be given to Reprocessor and Recycler members who have completed and returned their documents to the National Office and been audited
  • The Logo and Phrase RCM or RPM can be used on Company literature, letterheads, business cards, etc. They can also be used to designate the Organisation (as a member), but NOT the product or service
  • They may NOT be used on packaging, drums or containers which are not fully under the control of the member
  • They may NOT be used on packaging, drums, containers or transport where it could be construed to imply the endorsement of the product or service
  • They may NOT be used by members' business associates, franchises, agents or commercial partners, who are not members in their own right
  • Members who have been audited and registered with the National body as compliant may add the words "Audited Member" under the logo