Department of Environmental Affairs – Industry Waste Management Plan

Clarifying Producer Responsibility

Regarding the Industry Waste Management Plans (IndWMP).


The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) requires “Producers” in the paper and packaging, electrical and electronics, and lighting industries to submit plans that outline how they will manage waste generated in their industries. This process has been going on since December 2017 and is already in its latter stages, with the deadline set on 6th of September 2018.

What are “Producers”?

A “Producer” includes any person, or category of person, or a brand owner who is engaged in the commercial manufacturing, conversion, refurbishment or importer of new and/or used:

• Paper and packaging material,

• Electrical and electronic equipment,

• Lighting equipment or goods wrapped in primary or secondary packaging material.

Producers can:

IndWMP_Reg_Form Prepare and submit an IndWMP to the Minister for approval by 06 September 2018. (It is, most likely, now too late to submit your own IndWMP)

What you can do at this stage:

Register as a producer with the DEA

Producers should have registered with the DEA by 06 February 2018. If you have missed this deadline we still recommend registering by completing and submitting the form to the left.

Register with one of Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO’s)

Even though the respective PRO’s have not had their plans promulgated yet (DEA expect this to be April 2019), we still recommend registering with them so you can receive feedback going forward.

Some PRO’s that are working on IndWMP’s:

As far as we know, the comment period has come to a close on most of the plans. You may contact the PRO’s to find out if they are still open for late comment or if you’d like to register.

  • Packaging SA – Paper and Packaging Plan – Contact: Sally-Anne Käsner – Email:
  • PETCO Plan: Paper and Packaging Plan – Contact: Oscar Baruffa – Email:
  • ERA Plan: Electrical and Electronics Plan – Contact: Susanne Karcher – Email: /
  • Light Cycle – Lighting Plan – Contact: Susanne Karcher – Email:
  • SAWEEDA – Electrical and Electronics Plan – Contact: Keith Anderson / Malcolm Whitehouse – Email: /